Send or speak RM action broken?

Send or speak no longer has the option to send to a notification device (my phone) when making a new rule. This is how the action looks on Version

If I open a rule made along time ago

The "On these notification devices" dropdown is missing when making the new rule. Any one else experiencing this or is it just me.

What rule version (major at least) was the original rule developed using, e.g. RM5.1, RM4, etc?

Version 5.1.5 (11/9/2023)

Hmmm... the problem with responding early is it gives the impression you can resolve a problem.... :slight_smile: Lert me see if I can reproduce the same behaviour.... Unless someone chimes in....

Still there for me. This is from a new rule I just created.

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Thank goodness... :slight_smile:

Thanks, I'll making a new rule and see what happens.


Yup, a new rule is ok. Should have thought about that. Thanks guys.