Send Notification from a Rule Machine rule?

Is it really not possible to trigger a phone app notification (like the Notification app can do) from within Rule Machine?

My use case is I have a temp/vibration sensor on my dryer and when it stops I want to receive a notification. In Rule Machine I would like the trigger to be "no vibration for 1 minute" and then trigger a notification as long as the sensor temp is >25C or so to cover cases where the dryer is being loaded etc.

I realize a workaround would be to use a virtual switch, turn that switch on when the dryer stops, and use that switch in the Notification app to send the notification....

Or use some 3rd party thing (Pushover) but I would like to avoid this convolution if possible, otherwise they pile up and then you have a real mess.

"send/speak message" is a choice in actions. That is what you want. Just select the mobile app device.

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Sure you can. Just choose the mobile device as the notification device.


Thanks. I really wish this stuff was more intuitive. At some point I'll probably switch to WebCore to avoid this.

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I find sending a notification from RM very intuitive. "Send/Speak a message" seems pretty obvious, and the rule ends up making sense.

This sends a popup notification to my phone (John) and also sends the same notification as an email (via [RELEASE] Google Calendar, Task, and Gmail Search and Gmail Notification Device).


What I actually find nice about this is that I get the notification on my phone from Hubitat 3-4 minutes before I get the notification from Tesla's own app (I suspect Tesla delays it on purpose -- but I want to know ASAP when the power is out).

@bravenel I did just now have a small difficulty when adding an action to activate a scene. In Rule-5.1, the outer Select label no longer says Activate Scene:

I went back to an old (Rule-4.0) instance where I had a scene activated to find it. It was more obvious back then:

Could "Activate Scenes" be added back to the drop down selection?

See earlier discussions about this topic:

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Very easy. This one sends to my phone and a speaker (well not anymore as I've removed my echos in favor of homepods)

I understand your point. There is a bit of a learning curve with RM and though there have been significant improvements in the UI the emphasis has been on expanding functionality. However, it does have a certain internal logic and flow, and once you kinda figure it out you do develop kind of an RM "instinct."

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FWIW, webCoRE also makes you choose a notification device, either a "default" in the parent app (really an artifact from SmartThings, where notifications are an action you perform at the account level) or on a particular action itself (like Rule Machine, both owning to the fact that notifications are regular commands in regular devices, like any other command, on Hubitat).


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