Send Get/POST with spaces (%20) using voicemonkey

I'm attempting to send and announcement with voicemonkey by using HTTP Get within RM.
the message looks like this;

in RM it changes the %20 to NULL

any trick to keep the %20? Or a different method to get this formatted correctly? I tried POST as well with same results.

Can’t remember for sure but I seem to recall that there is a URLencode option in RM .

Thanks for that option (although I couldn't find data on it)
I just figured out a way to do this.

  1. create a local variable - type string
  2. add the string with all the %20 as well as everything else
  3. add to the message with %variableName%
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@Caboose I just ran into this - thanks for the tip. It would be nice if we don't have to do this as I want to use the variables to make the speech dynamic. I too looked into the URL encoding but didn't understand anything relevant. Perhaps someone can weigh in to help here?

bump on this one. I am starting to use Voice Monkey a lot right now and it is a pain to have to create a variable for each string I am sending to it. Is there anyway to stop RM changing %20 to "null"? Thanks.

I thought I would try to get smart and set the string in the actions in the rule but the same thing happens - nulls. The only thing that works is to save the string ahead of time in hub variables and then reference it. Hope there is a way to stop this happening.

There is...Bruce just suggested a solution recently.

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