Send a simple command to Siri to start a shortcut

Is there a simple way to trigger an ios/Apple shortcut from Hubitat, either directly or via sending a Siri command somehow. Since tv0S 15 killed the AppleTV remote integration, I've lost the ability to script and control my appleTV. I can start it fine with an ios shortcut or the same using Siri, but need a way to run this from the RM rules that manage all my home entertainment on/off stuff.

NB: I have got a functioning Homebridge set up running on a Raspberry Pi. I should also say I have an older 2019 model LG TV, that has only OS 3.5 and does not have either, Homekit, Airplay, or Alexa integration.

Will a Hubitat dummy/virtual switch and two automations on the HomeKit side to follow the dummy/virtual switch work?

I did a similar thing with my HomeKit front door lock from Hubitat, using four HomeKit automations. Two followed the virtual switch and toggled the lock, and the other two follow the lock if manually opened or by code to toggle the virtual switch so Hubitat knows the state.....

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Hi, The approach is the right one, but unfortunately there is no Apple TV4 action to 'sleep', there is only 'Pause the audio' which you can use in an automation. You can do it with a shortcut, but this cannot be added to a scene for automation... it's all very frustrating.


I just leave my Apple TV4 on 24/7, since it is acting as my HomeKit bridge for outside access when I'm away from home.....

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Do you have node-red running on your raspberry pi? Or does the tv have wake on lan?

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I guess that would work. I kind of hate that the Apple TV tends to 'hog' the HDMI port on the LG TV that it's connected to, even when I send a command to switch to something else. I'll play around with it and let you know.

I don't have node-red running on the Pi (yet) but that could happen if need be. The LG TV does do wake-on-LAN though. I've mostly been using HDMI-CEC from the end devices to wake it up/shut it down. Only the Virgin Tivo doesn't seem to have CEC. For now I've been writing rule manager scripts which are triggered with Alexa routines.

What were you thinking of?

I don’t have a LG TV so I don’t know what way would be the easiest.

Have you looked at this thread?

There three different nodes in node-red to control a LG TV.

There also appleTV, Alexa and Hombridge nodes for node-red.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, and I will continue looking into node-red as a solution. The solution for now, seems simpler than I thought. Since the devices are CEC (ARC) enabled in both directions, it turns out that switch to the HDMI port the Apple TV is connected to will wake if from the LG script I use, and vice versa, turning off the TV, turns off the the Apple TV too. Simples.