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I would like to make hubitat send a message to the hubitat app that is installed on another android device. The option "send message" however isnt available in rule machine anymore.

Alternatively: do you know of a way to make tasker (installed on another device) react to rule machine/a message from hubitat? Preferably in a local way?

Thank you

As long as the Hubitat app is installed on the mobile device and the app is tied to a "Mobile App Device" in the hub then you should have the option available to you in Rule Machine. The action type would be "Send, Speak or Log a Message, Send HTTP Request" and then "Send or Speak a Message" as the action. Then choose the mobile device as the notification device.

I don't want to think about Tasker but there is always a way with Tasker even if it is extremely painful at times.

In RM, send a notification to your phone with some message of your choice. Then, in Tasker, create a Profile with event of Notification Received where notification contains that message. It won't be local though. If you use Tasker's Autonotifications, it can do even more with the received notification

If you paid additional for Join from Tasker, there is a lot more you can do. I have Join (and use for notifications in Node Red) but never really dove into all of its capabilities. It might be able to get local only for you but I don't know.

As @codahq mentioned there is almost always a way to do almost anything with tasker, but not without a bit of hair pulling. I got HE to communicate locally with Tasker a while back (just as a proof of concept) with the AutoRemote addon. If I remember correctly, I had to have a profile that detected when I was on my local network, then have that profile enable AutoRemote Wifi service. This would allow AutoRemote to listen locally for http requests that my hub generated. After my trial period for the addon expired, I deleted the profile and tasks but I know it is possible. The difficulty with this is catering for the scenarios where you were on your LAN vs when away. It can be trickier than it seems depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Is it worth the effort and headache...:man_shrugging:...up to you.

Now if local only communication isn't that important, you have more options like the ones @stephen_nutt mentioned. These options would include autoRemote, but without the need to add logic to see when you are on your wifi...makes things quite a bit simpler. You would just use the external url the app provides.

I have AutoRemote but never used it. Now I need to go back to see what it can do.

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