Selling off lots of gear (Z-wave, Nest, Hue, and other stuff)

Please do let me know if this sort of post isn't allowed! I've got a cardboard box that has been accumulating either replaced or "never got to it" items for a few years now.

Not all the newest stuff, but I've tried to price it low since I'd like it to end up in another home automator nerd's hands :slight_smile:. I suppose just send me a message if anyone is interested.

I uploaded pictures like they do on most reddit sales threads just to show that it actually exists:

Update 1/18: Wow, sent out 6 or 7 boxes to folks today! My wife appreciates you helping me get rid of this!

Item Price Condition Quantity
Z-wave stuff
GoControl Bulbz BR30 - LBR30Z-1 10 New (but no box) 4
Inovelli LZW42 RGBW Bulb 10 Used 9 0
Inovelli LZW41 Tuneable White Bulb 8 Used 2
Monoprice Recessed Door Sensor 10 New in box 1 0
Aeotec Wallmote Dual 20 Used 1
Dome DMDP2 Door/Window Sensor 10 New in box 6 0
Zooz ZEN26 v2.0 8 New in box 3
Zooz ZEN22 v2.0 8 New in box 1
Homeseer WD-100+ Dimmer 10 New in box 2
Zooz ZEN15 15 Used 4 0
Vivint VS-ELEM02-001 Thermostat 40 Used 1
Vivint V-SCT200 Thermostat 40 Used 1 0
Vivint V-SCT200 Thermostat (no wall bracket) Free Used 1 0
Zooz ZEN31 RGBW dimmer 15 New in box 1
Z-wave Stuff (Old, not Plus)
Fibaro FGFS-101 Leak Sensor Free Used 1 0
Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen (White) 130 New in box 1
Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen (White) 100 Used 1
Temperature Sensor 10 3
Nest Cam Outdoor (cut wire) 20 Used, and had to cut the power cord, so you'd need to splice it together. 1 0
V1 Dimmer 10 Used 7 3
Random Stuff
Logitech Harmony 650 20 Used 1
Echo Spot 25 Used 2
Unifi US-8 Switch 50 Used 1 0
HDHomeRun CONNECT (HDHR4-2US) 50 Used 1
Lutron Caseta Hub L-BDG2 Free Used 1

Hi I have a couple of Lutron switches that I would to connect through HE. Do you still have Lutron hub available that I can get please.

@zacs see pm

The caseta bridge with model # listed above won’t allow for integration with Hubitat. The Caseta Pro bridge, L-BDGPRO2, is what you’ll need.


Sent you a PM about the Dome DMDP2 Door/Window Sensors

I have ST Hub would it allow integration with ST HUB ?

Through the cloud, yes. The hubitat integration is local.


To add to what @marktheknife said, you will also lose the ability to use Picos as button controllers.


You guys have listed all the reasons why I bought the Pro and am selling this one :slight_smile:. Thanks for clarifying. I am still happy to send this one for the cost of postage, otherwise off to Goodwill it goes!


I have one of these in a drawer. Ordered a DMDP1 from The Smartest House. The box had a sticker that had DMDP1 but when I peeled the sticker off, under it was a DMDP2. The DMDP2 is not on the list of supported devices, but the DMDP1 is. Dome has ignored my repeated emails regarding the DMDP2 and the DMDP2 is not on the Dome website, but the Pro is.

Were you able to get the DMDP2 working with HE?

I'm only using one of them, but yes I've had it up for a while with zero complaints. It's one of the more reliable parts of my network. It automatically used the "Dome Door/Window Sensor Pro" driver, and I get all the goodies including the ambient temperature. It's also at 100% battery after about a year, which is either really impressive or a lie :grimacing:.

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Even though the website is up, they've been dark since last year. Not even the support number works (goes to a local cable tv company now) Which is a shame because I like dome products.


That is a shame. I couldn’t find another DMWV1 new (future project to close gas main when CO increases) so I ended up buying an open box on eBay. The only DMWV1 on The Smartest House is open box. Perhaps @agnes.zooz has some insight about Dome.

We have plenty of Dome Water Valves in stock at The Smartest House and they're brand new: Dome Z-Wave Plus Water Main Shut-off Valve Controller DMWV1 - The Smartest House - I'd wait until Thursday for the Winter Sale to start to get a really good deal on them :wink:

I think what he meant is that Dome seems to have gone dark. Have they been in contact with you guys at all directly? Any word on when they'll be back to normal operation? At this point if you call the support number it goes to a local cable company and they're main number no one answers. Was stated by someone in another thread they tracked down a listed employee and that person said the office had been empty a few mos.


Re: Dome water valve
My error. I didn’t click on New. Just Open Box. Wish I wasn’t so quick to get one from eBay.

Re: Dome in business?
Are you able to order Dome products?

As far as we know they're in business but we don't interact with their support directly, only with sales so I don't have any details about their operation at the moment...

I couldn't even get ahold of sales back in sept. I think a lot of us have given up on them.

Just wondering if you still have the ZEN26 switches? Any DMDP2 window switches.


I think they’re out of production/stock. The Zen76 is their replacement. @agnes.zooz can perhaps clarify.