Selective updated

I've already asked about auto-updates, and it's clearly not going to happen. So here’s the next best thing.

I work on my hubitat enough that i can notice the update pretty quickly. But recently, ive been noticing a lot of minor updates which i dont really care about if things are working. Yes, if there are new features or UI, then of course I want to update. But if its just a bug patch & im not experiencing any bugs, i dont need to be bothered by it. So can we get selective update notifications, where the red icon only shows up when a certain lwvel of update shows up? For example, the default could be any update, but in settings, i could change it to only show the red icon if there is a A.B.X update, but not for A.B.C.X updates.

Of course, if my system is buggy after an update, I can always go into settings and update to the latest A.B.C.X update to fix the bug.

This too is likely not going to happen. It seems the best thing for you to do is write a rule that looks at the update attribute once a month and then you can decide to update or not.