Selective notification with Presence

Is this possible with rule machine? I want to do an action if all presence sensors are not present (arm alarm) but I only want to send the last person who left an alert (via pushover). Assume both folks have a pushover device in HE. I currently do this now with a custom web endpoint ok a another server, but I'm quickly finding I don't need extra services and scripts to these things as HE is so powerful and flexible.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

You could do it with a triggered rule but you would need one for each person. The trigger would be person A leaving and the condition would be person B is not present. For If true would have the pushover notification.

Thanks, I'm still struggling.

I have an "Away" RM rule (not triggered because has to be A AND B): if A and B are NOT home, if TRUE: HSM Alarm Away, Lock Doors, if FALSE: HSM Disarmed.

My "Notify A person Trigger rule" is: If person A leaves AND HSM Status == Disarmed AND Person B is not at home, notify person A.

But how do I know if the first rule has run yet or not to know if HSM Status will really be Disarmed? Is there a way to force one rule to run before the other? I could take out the check for HSM status, but then I'm not checking status of the alarm and the notification is specific to "Alarm Arming".

Any suggestions?


Yeah, don't make it so complicated. What is the notification saying? That HSM is armed? Why not have a Trigger or Triggered rule based on that? Some more information on what you're trying to do would be helpful.

Because I also arm it when I’m at home, and I don’t want to be notified if I’m at home and arm it. Only want it to notify if someone leaves and it should only notify the last person who left.

But you wouldn't armAway if you're home still. You would armHome.

Touche. But our dog sets off our motion detectors, so unless we're on vacation, we arm home :frowning:

I think I got it with 4 rules, 2 per person - A arrives, A leaves; B arrives, B leaves. Those should cover 4 notifications and be selective on who gets it. Essentially 2 duplicate rules per person, just changing who who gets notified.

Thanks for your thoughts on how to do this. There needs to be a "duplicate X rule" option!