Seems something changed with generic dimmer

On the devices page for a generic zwave dimmer if I
click OFF
Set level to 30%
says 30%
click ON
level changes to 100%
I am on firmware, chrome on a PC

When you issue the setLevel, it doesn't turn the dimmer on then? What type of device are you controlling? It's a z-wave non-plus dimmer?

Yes, non plus. Actually an old plug in dimmer. From the device page if I set to 30 % and click set level the dimmer does turn on ....and at 30%.
Now if I hit off it goes off
Hit on comes on at 100%
Never did this in the past.

It's an intermatic ha3 iirc.

I have an old Jasco/GE plug in dimmer that has always done that. Whenever you turn it on it turns on to 100%. Why it would have changed, I don't know. Are you making all of these changes from within HE?

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Noticed a few days ago when the curio tuned on it was at 100%. Maybe becase I rewrote my old rule in rule4. Anyway I will just assume that's the way things work now. Thanks for your interest and comments.

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