Seeking Zigbee contact and temperature sensor

I tried a search and must not have used viable criteria - looking for a low cost Zigbee Contact sensor with Temperature - I want to install in fridge and freezer to graph temp settings as well as left open etc. Recommendations? totally cool with tuya, ewelink or using aliexpress.

I’ve been using a Smart Things multi-Sensor (it is mostly a contact sensor, but also has temperature and vibration sensing abilities).

This sensor use to be inexpensive, but unfortunately isn’t anymore… However, it just works, when other cheaper sensors can be more finnicky. Because of that, it would be my recommendation.

Check out this older thread on this topic as many devices mentioned are still available:

My Hue is on the same set of batteries.
Also does lux, so the light will send an alarm as well.

  1. Ecolink Zigbee Model 4655BC0-R (best by far, but now somewhat unavailable)
  2. Visonic MCT-370 (best battery by far, needs special protection in the cold)
  3. Xfinity XHS2-TY (least expensive, will work with "cold" protection)

Don't forget to put a Zigbee repeater close to the Fridge/Freezer!