Seeking ultra-low lumen dimmable LED bulb for z-wave dimmer

I have a room with 4 standard size recessed LED bulbs controlled by a HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Z-Wave Plus dimmer. However, I want to add some LED strip accent lighting and the recessed 4 LED bulbs don't dim to low enough levels for the mood I want to create.

So I'm looking for either dumb LED bulbs that will dim to super low output with the HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Z-Wave Plus dimmer, or a combo of a new z-wave plus wall dimmer plus 4 LED bulbs that dim to super low levels.


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You failed to note the bulbs you are currently using.

LED light bulbs are available with wattages as low as 1 watt (10 watt equivalent). However, I have not found any that are dimmable. I have seen some 3 watt (25 watt equivalent) bulbs that are dimmable. That may be the best you can do.

The problem, however, may be with your dimmer. Due to the way dimmers function, they have both maximum and minimum wattage requirements. It may be that even with low wattage bulbs you won't be able to dim them as low as you might like due to the minimum wattage issue. Check the specs on your dimmer to see what the minimum wattage is. You might need to purchase a dimmer with lower minimum wattage.

Your current dimmer is designed for a maximum of 600 watts incandescent (150 watts LED). Thus, it can do up to 50 x 3 watt bulbs or 16x 9 watt (60 watt equivalent) bulbs. I have not been able to find the minimum wattage spec on your dimmer, but assuming it is around 15 watts, it is no wonder that you cannot dim four bulbs as low as you might like. 15 watts of LED light is equivalent to 150 watts of incandescent light which is far from dim.

Thanks...I found out that my old Homeseer dimmer doesn't have a minimum dim threshold configuration option. So I ordered an Inovelli Red dimmer and some Cree bulbs that should do the trick.