Seeking reliable z-wave plus US mini-plug outlet

I currently have a Neo Coolcam Power Plug, but it appears to be causing some z-wave or Hubitat issues. So I'm looking for an alternative z-wave plus power mini plug for a US outlet that's highly reliable with Hubitat. I'd like it to be as small as possible, and plug into an existing 120v outlet.

Ideas are welcome!

I have a couple of the Zooz ZEN15 outlets. They are reliable, but do not meet your criteria for mini-plug. I use them with my washer and sump pump.

The Zooz ZEN25 are plugs, but they have two outlets plus USB charging capability, so they are not exactly mini-plugs, either.

I do have a Leviton DZPA1-2BW Decora Smart Plug, but I cannot say I have been pleased with its reliability. I would not purchase another one.

Unless you need the Z-wave outlets as repeaters for your mesh, I would suggest that you look at Zigbee plugs such as these.

I love those plugs. They work well and are great Zigbee repeaters. The only thing that I do not like about the plugs is that they do not have power monitoring capability. That is why I use the ZEN15 outlets on my washer and sump pump.

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The ZEN25s are decent devices, but can cause mesh issues. I only have one, and it's working just fine...

What issues are these?

The only issue that I had with mine was that it would only communicate at 9.6 kbps, even though it was a zwave+ device.

There is an antenna modification described for these devices (to expose the internal antenna) that apparently makes a dramatic difference. @kkossev described it in this post:

I noticed that adding an external antenna to my C-7 Hubitat also made a huge difference. My unmodified NEO CoolCam plugs now connect at 100 kbps and are very responsive. The plug below, which used to connect only at 9.6 kbps, now connects at 100 kbps .....

So before you purchase new plugs, you might consider the antenna mod described by @kkossev, or adding an external z-wave antenna to your Hubitat.

Thanks for the info. The problem I'm having with the Coolcam is that pretty often when I turn it off or on via Hubitat or the Apple Home app via HOOBS, it's like the whole z-wave network or the Hubitat hub freezes and for a good 1-3 minutes and I can't control ANY light in the house while it's in this state. This freezing issue only happens with this plug (only have one of them). The rest of my lights are controlled via hard wired Homeseer z-wave plus switches and they are rock solid.

I don't think range is the issue, as my house is filled with z-wave repeaters via the Homeseer switches and this plug is pretty close to a couple of switches.

I have plenty of repeaters as well (multiple Zooz dimmers/switches, multiple Leviton/GE outlets, and 6 dedicated Aeotec Range Extenders).

What speed is your outlet communicating with your Hubitat at?

I second the zigbee luntek. That is what I use in outdoor outlet n

it's connected at 9.6kbps.

So all your symptoms are exactly the same as I saw.

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Ok. What external z-wave antenna would you recommend?

I've found these work well, I have three of them. Minoston offers both a dimmer version and a non-dimming version.

Dimmer plug:

Regular plug:

Energy Monitoring:

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Awesome thanks! I grabbed the mini plug version.

I haven't tried it, but I just found a Z-Wave 700 series outlet on Amazon. It seems reasonably priced.
NewOne Z-Wave Plug, 700 Series Smart Plug, Compatible with Smartthings, Wink, Alexa, Google Assistant

Edit, looks like the description on Amazon is wrong, and this is only a 500 series.

That looks like a nice one, not a lot of reviews so far but it is 15 amp and the one I linked to is 10 amp so it has that advantage.

It looks like a goo Z-wave outlet/repeater. Unfortunately, I do not think this one has power reporting.

Well I got the "NewOne" z-wave plug and it's NOT 700 series (according to the paper instruction manual). The manual states 500 series. I'm also having the same z-wave network delay/unresponsiveness issue that I had with the other plug.


The plug is 500-series. The dimmer is 700-series.