Seeking details on Aqara double-rocker Smart Light wall switch

My need is for a Zigbee Decora style switch (going into a 3-gang plate of Decora style switches) that can (1) switch a local load (under-cabinet kitchen lights) with one button and (2) have the 2nd button act purely as a button press for a remote relay (cabinet lighting across the room that has no local switch at all -- the lights are currently plugged into an RF plugin switch unit).

The Aqara double-rocker Smart Light wall switch appears to fit the need -- but I am seeking confirmation that the second button -- which will NOT be connected to a load -- will still issue Zigbee button presses to my Hubitat hub.

Anyone know for sure?

John Land

Yes it will work, and you can select to disconnect the button from its associated relay, you can even set a double press and long press action,
Just FYI the Aqara wall switch is not supported by Hubitat, you must use a community driver.

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Thank you! I'll be trying to install the Aqara switch this weekend.

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