Seeking Advice on Srutueo Z-Wave Plus Motion & Light Sensor Compatibility with Hubitat

I've been on the hunt for an affordable motion and light sensor lately. While I know about the Hue, it's a bit steep in price, and my experience with the Z00Z hasn't been great—those batteries just don't hold up. Despite having a solid Z-Wave network with repeaters, my other Z-Wave devices work like a charm. So, I turned to AliExpress in search of a NEO Coolcam Z-Wave Plus sensor, but alas, it's not available for the US market (though, being in Canada, our frequencies match). However, I stumbled upon the Srutueo Z-Wave Plus 700 Series PIR Motion Detector with Temperature, Humidity, and Light sensors on Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

Now, I'm curious if anyone has given this one a whirl. Did it play nice straight out of the box with Hubitat, or did it need some tinkering with community drivers?

Thanks in advance for your response.

I don't see "Srutueo" as a certified brand on the Z-wave Alliance product page, so that would give me great pause.

Hue may be pricier, but you get what you pay for -- excellent and incredibly reliable & well-proven hardware.

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Thank you for sharing your insights. While I appreciate the recommendation for Hue, I'm currently not looking into that option. Additionally, regarding Srutueo, I believe it's one of several brands that OEM this device. Thank you again for your input!