Seeking Advice On Motorized Blinds

I would like to install motorized blinds in my living room so when I turn on the TV they will close automatically to cut out the sunlight that comes right though the windows. My problem is I have no clue as to what brand of blinds to use that has proven to be reliable with little problems. I have a Hubitat C8 so I also would like to know which would be better a better system to use z-wave or zigbee.

I would appreciate any info/recommendations from anyone to help me in my decision as to what to get. Thank You

iblinds v3

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Search results for "blinds:"

I use iBlinds (Z-Wave) and like them very much. They are a retrofit - you install a motor in your existing blinds.

Part of your decision if you already have dumb blinds, is are you replacing your blinds w/smart blinds, or retrofitting your existing blinds w/a motor. Do you have a preference?

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I guess I didn't put enough info but I would like to replace the blinds I have since they are pretty worn etc mainly due to bright sunlight beating on them for many years. I have blinds that you pull down in an approximately 32x49in window so I would have to order them from a company where you give them the dimensions and also pick the amount of shading you want. Unless getting the iblind v3 would be better and I go to lowes or home depot and pick out blinds from them that would work with the iblind v3.
Thanks again for the quick response

Some more info or really clarification. Maybe I shouldn't of called them blinds and instead what I'm really interested in is motorized roller shades.

I would install new motorized blinds if you are at that stage w/your current blinds, more flexibility for control (physically at the blind and remotely/via automations).

Lutron’s Serena Shades, while expensive, are the best on the market. Love them!

I have your typical 2-2.5" slat blinds.
I bought new blinds for one room a few years ago and stuck with that form factor as I use iBlinds v3 on 5 of my windows.
I did convert two blinds of the same style to SwitchBot as the blinds have the twist wand as well.
SwitchBot works fine and are much easier to install but they are not hidden. WAF was down but I only did it in the kitchen where it didn't matter and I had to paint them to match. :wink: Geeeze

IKEA FYRTUR ZigBee roller blackout blinds may be something to consider.
The size and availability are limited but if they have a model that will fit your window it's hard to beat the value.


My advice is to google around for the motorized window covering you like - there are so many options and so many details to select that vary by aesthetic/taste.

Once you ID what you want, come back here and post the motorized blind you want and folks here can tell you if it can work with HE.

Zigbee & Zwave will probably work with HE out of the box. But if you can't find what you want in that, most other motorized blinds will work with HE through a Bond Bridge. Mine are working great.

I second that. I have the same IKEA blinds in my office and they work very well. I use a custom device driver which I've modified that extends the battery life, so a fully charged battery lasts about 4-6 months when opening and closing the shades once every day. The only downside is that they have somewhat limited widths.

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I have the Ikea roller blinds (Fyrtur) and the honeycomb shades (Tredansen). Both work well. Curious what your custom driver is (and if you’d be willing to share it) to increase battery life?

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If you search my past postings you'll see my discussions on the topic of the modified driver.

WAF can be hard to find...We have to replace our horizontal blinds (just really old/beat up by the sun) and wife doesn't like the iBlinds motors I'm using as "...when you're dead and they stop working I can't control the blinds manually." (Yes, she's that direct. :wink: ) So I need some inexpensive (her requirement) automated horizontal blinds that allow for direct control when I'm dead. :smiley: This topic reminded me I need to start the search...

Back on topic - @blaznspd2004, the Ikea roller shades mentioned have been popular and you'll find others here using them with experience/advice. If I was getting roller shades they'd be at the top of my list.

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I have Bali Blinds and they have been great. They are Z-wave based. I use the double cell blinds for light control and insulation.

I just got three more for another area of the house, One of them is for a sliding glass door. It is something like 85" high and 72" wide. They can make them big.

Dang, my wife uses the “when you’re dead, how will I control things?” Line too. Lol! I just tell her she’ll go back do doing it the way she has always done it before.. you press a button or flick a switch manually.

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Yeah, I tell mine the same, but w/iBlinds, if the hub is down (or removed, as she say she will do) then there is no control available that she can use. There is a button press on a small button that peeps out of the blinds casing but she's 5'1" and can't reach it. So I have no choice but to migrate to a different blinds solution. Too bad, really like the iBlinds.

Yeah, went with Lutron Serena here but I haven’t setup a switch to control the blinds manually yet. Added them in HomeKit so she can raise and lower from inside HomeKit which works for now. Plus I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. :laughing:

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Ikea blinds can be modified in length and width, check youtube

I think this is (another) area of HE in which I find my opinion differs from the masses.

I really don't understand the logic in spending excessive cash on a specific motorised unit. I just bought the standard vertical hanging panel variety with a pull cord.

Then bought a £30 motor from Ali express. Motor dies? Another £30. I see posts from people who have purchased ikea blinds etc and are needing to replace a few years on, doesn't make any sense to me at all.

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