Security panel cabinet setup

Slightly OT, but probably lots of folks here know something about this:

I am trying to grasp how a security panel and zone expander units, plus any other interesting bits, get positioned inside of a cabinet. Based on reading up here in this community, I am planning on getting the DSC Powerseries PC1832, with two zone expanders (PC5108), plus perhaps an Envisalink 4, and a DSC Powerseries 64-Zone LCD Full-Message Keypad With Built-In Wireless Receiver, Model # RFK5500ENG (not sure what the ENG is for).

Iā€™m expecting to connect up to 21 wired perimeter zones, a handful of wireless zones, and a dozen wired smoke/co detectors (not selected yet- advice welcomed). All of the smoke/co detector locations are wired in parallel with line-voltage (interconnected). I'm guessing that these would be connected to the panel as one zone, but if there is some way to distinguish between them, that would be great (so we know which one started the party).

I have searched and searched online, but I have not yet found any pictures or videos showing the inside of a security cabinet with multiple boards wired in. Anyone want to show me yours?

Thank you!

As far as I know, DSC does not offer addressable devices. That's the only way to distinguish on one circuit.

You could wire them to separate zones. DSC allows you to change the attributes for each zone in the programming.

On the wireless side, allows you to assign the zone number based on what you program it as. When I did my parents house, I had 12 hard wired zones, so I had the wireless pickup at zone 13.

Hope that makes sense.

I wish DMP would play nice with home automation. They have the easiest setup on the planet, but they don't like to play. Once you get in to the swing of things on DSC it starts to make sense.

Oh, one more thing I learned the hard way. Make sure when programming and testing wireless devices, the trouble isn't tripped on that device. That little tidbit cost me 30 -40 minutes in programming. LOL.

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Here is a pic of my security panel setup as taken from my server rm cam.

See my reply here.

Wow. That is awesome. The cabinet that comes with the DSC I'm looking at is a lot smaller. I got an inkling from one video I found that additional boards might be mounted around the sides of the cabinet (like, on the side walls), but I am not sure. Yours is seemingly shallower, but plenty big. I wonder if I should skip the cabinet from DSC and get something larger.

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Where? :slight_smile:

I don't use a cabinet. That is 3/4" plywood mounted on my wall. Everything is out open and accessible.

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