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I have 1 Securifi Peanut Plug and 2 Securifi motion sensors. I saw that the Peanut Plug was on the list of supported devices. I didn't check on the motion sensors yet. Anyways, I have not been able to get either device to pair with Hubitat. I am able to pair them fine with the Securifi hub and SmartThings though. I did check and updated to the latest firmware on the Peanut Plug, still no luck though.

Let me know what details I can provide that might help with getting them paired and working.


Screenshot from motion detector in SmartThings.

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FYI, this has been resolved. Anyone trying to add a Securifi product to Hubitat needs to change the Zigbee channel. I was on 13 which didn't work. Changed it to 18, which also didn't work. Then went to 20 and everything paired immediatly.

Thanks to @Navat604 for helping me figure this out!



Changing the zigbee channel to 20 does work. Thanks for the help !!!!


Were you able to get power readings?


would also like to know how to show power readings if possible


Check out this thread. Basically you need the latest firmware to get it to read but the Generic Zigbee driver isn't reporting power reliably.


Thanks for the info! I don’t have an Almond router and don’t care to get one for such a trivial and potentially false addition. I’ll stick with them as is for now. Work great for on/off at least!