Securifi Peanut Plug $10 on Amazon

Amazon has the Securifi Peanut Plug for $10. If anyone is interested, here is their smile link (switch the smile to www if you do not make those contributions):


Darn I just purchased two last week at $15 each....

I've been praying for a solution to a problem I have!! Thank you! I ordered 4, hope they do the job as I expect!

Your the man! Just picked up one. THANKS!

I like the Peanut plugs, but it sucks they have old firmware that doesn't report power. Still a great price for an outlet though.

Thanks for the heads up.

I have 3 of these. I wonder if the ability to read power is worth the $15 to buy a used Almond hub to update the FW?

Always depends on your need. I have a bunch of these and ordered some more... I have Almond routers so I have updated some (not all) of mine over time. If I find I want to check something's power use (rare) I just swap in one that I know reads it. 99.99% of my use has not involved the power readings so it really does not matter to me.

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Agree with @snell.

I have a few of these as well, but use the power management feature on just a couple.

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@snell and @aaiyar Thanks for the input... I've had these for 6 months or so and haven't really "needed" the power measurements. I may care around Christmas.

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Haven't used Securifi's products before. what is Almond? a hub? an app? would this work as a zigbee repeater?

I just bought two of these last week, actually the first smart devices I've added to the house outside of my Ecobee.

Out of the box the plugs don't work well with Hubitat from my experience. When I clicked the device on through the dashboard it just changes the icon to an hour glass, but the device did turn on. It just sits at an hour glass till you refresh the page then its back to its normal state. I was using the Generic Zigbee device driver, tried using switch and the outlet one.

I found someone on here who wrote a new driver for them so I gave that a try. Works perfectly with his driver, shows current status and more importantly does not show an hour glass when you try to change the state lol

As I mentioned I got these last week along with 2 Sengled RGB bulbs, been having fun playing with them and trying to learn how the Hubitat works logically.

Securifi has a series of products in their Almond line, but in short they are all Network routers with touchscreens:

  • Almond (original) was a basic two port router that also had a touchscreen for local configuration.
  • Almond+ was on Kickstarter. It was a bigger unit with integrated ZigBee and Z-Wave radios as well and upgraded wifi specs. Allowed HA that also could know about devices presence on the network (like a smartphone being home).
  • Almond 2015 was an update on the original Almond with a bit better wifi but mainly added integrated ZigBee and a USB port that could have a Z-Wave dongle.
  • Almond 3 was the 3rd version of Almond, upgraded hardware than 2015 and could be put in a wifi mesh.
  • Almond 3S was another version released that is closer to the Almond+ in size but had an integrated battery backup as well as 4G modem for data (if internet connection dropped) meant to be more for DIY home security.
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So based on this i'm inferring you don't actually need the almond for these to work? Is that correct?

You don't need an Almond to use them as an on/off device. And in my experience, they work fine with the default zigbee switch driver. Although, there's no harm in using the DTH ported from ST that @kabish referred to.

Now, if you want to use them for power monitoring, and happen to receive a Peanut whose firmware has not been updated, then you will need a Almond to update the firmware.


I have 6 peanut plugs strategically placed around the house for their ability to be repeaters, The great thing is that they are close to windows and are able to drive my Christmas lights :slight_smile:

My experience with them have been great. Never once have their failed to turn off and on. I am using the generic driver since I don't have the updated firmware installed and really no need for power monitoring.