Secure Package Smart Drop Box

I am a new hubitat user and we are moving to a new house. As part of my Home Automation Journey I really would like to have a secure package box on the porch, preferably with a keypad. In a perfect universe the delivery person triggers my doorbell, I set a 1 use code and they enter it to release the package box, which they can deliver it safely. I can also remotely unlock it if need be. My issue so far is finding a lock. It would have to be a latch or pin bolt of some time. Worst case I could build a mini arduino that hooks up to the lock and a key pad, all run off a battery. The problem is the actual lock mechanism. Has anyone found a system that works with Hubitat?

TLDR: I want a secure package box on my porch I can control remotely or have a temp code I can give to delivery drivers.

Depending on how the box is constructed you could look at a standard zigbee/zwave keypad deadbolt (Kwikset 914 comes to mind, but Yale and others have similar).

Yale has a product that might be of interest,

I don’t have this particular product, but have multiple other locks from them and they have been fairly reliable.

Thanks for the update. I have seen sketchy coverage with Hubitat as far as the Yale access, unless its a specific kind. Does anyone have experience with fully integrating Yale access?

Sounds like that’s a WiFi/Bluetooth lock device?

Yale zigbee/z-wave locks work just fine with Hubitat.

I’m not aware of anyone that’s integrated a Yale WiFi lock though.

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I have a box by my front door with a sign that reads “Please put all packages in this box. Thank you”. It is a 2 foot plastic cube with a hinged lid available in most big box garden centers. It does not have a lock by choice. My thoughts are if they don't see the package they wont bother checking inside the box just in case.

95% of my deliveries go in the box unless the delivery person is in a hurry and tosses it on the porch.

perfect universe

Lotsa luck getting the delivery guys to wait around for a text exchange. My ups/fedex/usps will put my stuff in the garage if the door is open, but they're good to me.

I'd think about a bigger version of this with a big sign:

Yea I think everyone is right, im probably just going to end up building a box or buying one with an auto drop on it. I do appreciate the help, the neighborhood we are moving to shouldnt have any issues with package theft, but all the other places we have lived have.