Secure Login Recovery Email incorrect and Password Forgotten

Hello. New Hubitat user.

Pretty sure there is nothing I can do here except a full factory reset, just wanted to make sure before I proceeded.

Here is my scenario:

  • using a C8
  • set secure login - misspelled my email address
  • using a password manager and it didn't update the password properly.
  • I can still access and administer the platform via remote admin access.

Is there any way to recover the credentials or remove the user for secure login. It's annoying using the secure lan login. If not I guess I need to do a factory reset. Can you please advise if I should unenroll all of my devices, factory reset and then reenroll or is there an easier way? Also wondering how to do a factory reset. Thank in advance for your response.

If you click on documentation, above, then search for user security, you'll find:

It shows there should be a way to delete the user.

It also shows Disabling at the bottom.

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All of those solutions require the password which I do not have.
Unfortunately, I typed in the recovery email incorrectly and my password manager didn't save the updated password.

It looks like I will need to do a factory reset. Do you know if I save the configurations can I restore them after the reset or will this restore all of the settings including the secure log in. If not I guess I will need to unenroll all of my devices, restore to factory and re-enroll and create my rules.


Can you log into still ? If so click on the hub details and then click on the advance button bottom right. You can disable the hub security login...


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