Secure device request

Is there such a thing as a "secure" device that cannot be activated on the devices menu list?
Example. If you create a virtual switch, it can be turned on/off on the devices menu if someone who has the admin password, or hacks into it.
I have the keypad app install, but thats geared more to HSM.
I'd like a password required virtual switch for a liquor cabinet lock.

Not exactly, so the best solution is probably restricting access to the admin UI of your hub to only people you trust (and the same with your home network so "hacking into it" shouldn't be a concern). You can set a password on the admin UI, as it seems you are aware. If someone only needs control of certain devices, using a dashboard or other similar solution would be a better idea. Hubitat Dashboard is built-in and can do this, though there are many other possibilities.

Some devices do have a way to disable remote (Z-Wave, Zigbee, etc.) control. This is often just things like switches or dimmers, so it is unlikely to help in your case. Alternatively, if you don't want it controllable by a hub, maybe a "smart" device isn't the best solution in the first place?


Thanks. I'm already restricting access. Was looking for adding an additional level of security.
I may have to add a kwickset door lock, or another hub, or other wifi device via HA....

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