Second Hub registered - Mobile App only shows the first Hub but not the second hub Dashboard

I bought a second hub C8, the first hub is C7, I have both registered and can see both on the mobile app, and both registered in the same hubitat account. I can view the first hub (C7) dashboard, but the second hub (C8) dashboard does not show up

Hub1 (C7) and Hub 2 (C8) are not located at the some place, different networks

Different public IP address also

You need to change to the second hub and then use the dashboard.

so I can not see both Dashboards at the same time when I go to "Dashboards" on the app? I have to switch between them each time?

Yes, you can see only one at a time.

You can via Hubmesh, (provided both hubs are on the same network) share devices from one hub to another to bring devices from the second hub to the main hub. I do this for a few devices, and you wouldn't know the difference.


the hubs are not on the same network, seems odd that the dashboard main screen is limited to only one hub at a time. Seems like a main screen can be developed to allow users just to select the dashboard without having to go select the hub.

I have four hubs. Three are at one property (on an IOT-specific LAN/SSID that I don't routinely keep my phone on) while the fourth is at another property, two miles away. The easiest way I've found to deal with this is to create an icon on my phone for each hub's "primary"dashboard (where I look at/access most stuff I regularly use, such as status tiles or switches) and access each via the cloud (remotely) even when I'm three feet from a hub. Works great (even with Starlink as my connection to the outside world) for all but making changes to Rules or other "programming". To do that, I just use the Hubitat icon and choose the correct hub, connecting either locally (I switch to that LAN/SSID) or remotely, whichever is most convenient. I end up with a few more icons on my phone, but it's not like we don't all have a lot of those already, and I can just group them all together (just one extra tap to access any one of them).


Does the cell notifications share the same info?

The first hub (c7) had notifications alert to my cell phone. When I added the second hub (c8), which needed notifications on the second hub also, when I was adding the text message to my alerts on (c8), my cell info appeared automatically on (c8) as if the cell info had to come from either (c7) or the hubitat server itself, I assume it came from my hubistat account?, because I did not add my cell on (c8)

I'm trying to understand the relationship between the hubitat cloud server and the each hub

Does someone have flow chart on how data flows between hubs and the hubitat servers? Just so I can understand how it works


No... Believe you have to be logged into that hub for notifications to work. The solution to this is Pushover (one time fee of 5 bux) and you can ■■■ as many hubs as you want and each hub can have an independent name in the notification. The other cool thing is different notification sounds based on severity level that you set.,

notifications is working on my first hub (c7), but not second hub (c8), did something change in c8? Im not understanding why the second hub is different

sorry, if Im asking simple questions, but I have been searching and can not find the answers in support threads

In order to get notifications from a particular hub with the hubitat app you have to be logged into that hub. Since you can't be logged into 2 hubs at once (hence the select hub button) you won't get notifications from both hubs. Now if you are logged in to the c8 and you're still not getting notifications, log out of the hub (actually sign out) then from a web browser delete your phone (aka the notification device) and log back in. It will prompt you to create a device, say yes. Go to that device's page under DEVICES and do a test notification...

Maybe Im confused on how notification work.

So lets start over:

My (c7) hub is located at my shop, has cell circuit. It is mainly used as a security system to "text" me (my cell, and my wife's cell phone if the hub (using "safety Monitor built in app"

When i get the text messages from my hub (c7) in NOT logged into anything

So before moving on, please explain why it works (c7) is working without being logged in. Maybe they will help me understand whats going on with (c8)

Oauth. It's not text (as in SMS). The notifications get sent to hubitats cloud server which then is relayed to your app. If you switch hubs (again see select hub above) to your c8 you would no longer get notifications from your c7 because you're now logged into the c8.

Is the hubitat app designed to be "one to one" relationship? Not "one to multi"?

Meaning a "one to one" relationship, interlock to a single hub?

Only insofar as which hub you want to see. But yes, the app CAN NOT be on two hubs at once. This is why pushover is recommended. You can use the same oauth keys on both hubs so that you can receive notifications from both hubs (or 10 hubs if you want)

hum.....I need to get alarm/alerts from both

Then you need to install pushover. The driver is native to hubitat

I have this on all of my hubs and each notification shows which hub it's coming from

before I move in the direction of pushover. I have a question:

Can I do the following

Using "one Hubitat account":
Have many cell phones (1-10) for example using the same account to received notifications

Then have several hubs registered to the "one hubitat account"

Use "one Pushover" account
for the all of my hubs to report notifications to multi cell phones

Im asking this for a reason.

I need to make sure hubitat is the solution for my project im testing

Yes, from one hub. Each notification device will be created when that phone logs into the hub.

Yes. You just need to create the device and api key. Have each phone use the same pushover account. You can also send notifications to individual phones. It's a onetime fee of 5 bux for the full version

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