Second Hub at another Location

What is best practice to manage a second location Hub? Can I easily switch locations on the mobile app? Will geolocation concurrently work on both locations? Will I receive push notifications for both locations?


I just noticed the latest app seems to support a geolocation for each hub. Yippee! Much needed. When you click on location it shows the geolocation details for the hub selected under settings. However right now I'm still not getting notifications from each hub. But I think that should also work. I didn't get a chance to play with the new app version much because I'm now away from the 2 locations for a while.

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Are you able to receive notifications at both locations? Not sure how to enable that

I didn't check it and can't remember if I have notification actions running on my other/rental property. Will check it out. What's your experience so far? Did you try and it failed?