Search should eliminate child apps/devices

I have a total of 104 rules split between RM, RM Legacy, Simple Automation, and Basic Rules. It can be challenging to find the rule I want to edit. However, there is a solution: search for the rule.

But this, more often than not, is useless. Why? Because, if the rule I want is in Rule Machine, it will show all 64 child apps (rules) of rule machine, instead of just the child I am looking for. This can get even harder when I have a legacy rule and a new rule both with the search term in the name, meaning I have to look through 94 rules to find the one I want to edit.

This is also starting to become a problem with devices. Ever since tuya-convert stopped working, Ive been using home assistant to bring in tuya devices into hubitat (home assistant is too complex to do the automation on). The community home assistant integration puts all imported devices as child devices to one parent device for that home assistant instance. So now, if I want to find one tuya switch, when searching, I will be brought to a massive parent device with tons of child devices, and I have to manually search through the parent device to find the device I want.

Tl;dr: Can we have the search functionality also search through child apps/devices? I can imagine the child apps which do not meet the search are hidden until the search is changed, much like how parents devices/apps are searched through.