Search issue in Devices screen?

I am on C7 Hub. On the devices page, I think sometimes there is a search issue.
Shown below is one example:
I searched for "Basement', and the below results came:

Why did it not show "motion sensor basement" ? This was shown only when I searched for "Motion"

Probably because your search term has a capital B. The device has a lower case b.

Ideally that search box wouldn’t be case sensitive.


Oh, the plot thickens... the search shown in my original post, was done from my Android phone's chrome browser.
When I did the exact same search from my Windows browser on my laptop, I get the below!

it means there is a difference in search results between laptop vs mobile deivce!

Grid view is case insensitive. The card view is case sensitive. I reported this back in June. I guess they don't view it as a priority to fix. Here is another thread about it from August BUG: Search in ios app is case sensitive - #2 by dman2306