Schlage Z-Wave Lock Keypad Died

Hello, anyone know how to repair a dead keyopad? The BE468ZP still works with Hubitat but I can't enter any codes via the keypad or lock the device. Wondering if there is any circuit schinagery that I could possibly look out for?

Does the keypad still light up?

Negative...absolutely dead...

Take it apart, make sure the cable that runs from the keypad to the lock hasn't come loose.

Yes, did that too. Double checked and pushed with some force to ensure its in the socket...

Allegion has really good warranties for their locks. THey have shipped me replacement locks in years past.

Ok thanks for that. Was hoping to find if anyone played w the electronic elements and can help diagnose what’s wrong…

Schlage has been known to be generous w/their warranties on occassion. Maybe call their support line and see if you find anyone in a good mood?

It's got a 5 year warranty. You could possibly call Schlage and see what they say

Thanks. Schlage is very good about heir warranty and said they'd replace. It's just a shame to add to the e-waste and wanted to know if anyone tinkered enough with the board to know any common faults.

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They're gonna send you a whole new lock with the latest firmware, so there's that. As to what went wrong, who knows. Look for burning on the board, maybe break out a multimeter.. Have you tried a factory reset on the lock?

Schlage has replaced both of my BE469s under warranty. Both of them the keypad became unresponsive. I had found this "fix" and was going to try it if they didn't replace it. But their support is excellent. In case you're brave: Touchscreen Repair: Schlage BE469NXCAM716 Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt With Z-Wave Technology : 6 Steps - Instructables


Thanks for the responses. Appreciate the engagement!

I didn't know there was a write up so I looked into it. The metal business seem to be intact. It's the keypad that's completely dead.

Update: Schlage sent me a zwave plus BE468 to replace my wave 469. But after I installed it, its keypad is also non responsive. Luckily the 468 has a button inside the battery cover that lets me use it with Hubitat. Now Schlage is sending yet another total replacement. Kudos to their warranty.

I am going to take out the electronics and send the metal to recycling on the old units. Wish there was a way to repair the electronics and if it's a keypad issue, then a swap out for a working keypad would have been great too.

I did find some U Tube vids on Kwikset keypad repairs that involved cleaning the contacts under the buttons with rubbing alcohol. I am not sure if that kind of surgery is even possible with these Schlage keypads.

Hello all, just providing an update that Schlage took good care of me and replaced my lock (twice). They didn't have a direct replacement for my 469 (non-plus) in stock so they gave me a 468 plus model instead. The first 468 had a dead keypad so they sent out another one that finally worked.

I took apart my 469 to investigate how the keypad could die but it's not really something I can diagnose and the teardown basically makes the unit useless. Attached are photos of the autopsy in case anyone is interested:



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