Schlage Sense lock BE479 + Schlage wifi adapter BR400

is this a possibity for the future to be supported

The question you need to answer/find out, is there an open API for it? If there is then technically it can be supported, if there is not then it's highly unlikely it will be supported.

If the API is not published, technically someone could sniff it out and try to reverse-engineer it. But it is extremely unlikely anyone will go through all that time and effort to do so.

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Now that Schlage is adveritising a native Wi-Fi switch has anyone had a chance to look into this again? I have an existing z-whatever Schlage but since it's installed pairing would mean disconnecting my Hubitat and bringing it near the switch -- or can I do ti remotely?

I would grab the manual online and have a read. Why would you need to add this adapter?

It's a BT lock. The BT/WiFi adapter allows it to be controlled from anywhere using the Sense app.

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So Bob's Z-whatever Schlage lock isn't compatible anyway, unless it also has BT in addition to Z-whatever. I wish I had a Z-whatever anything. They are sooo coool.

Just catching up. I did go to Schlage Encode™ FAQs | Wifi Deadbolt Support | Smart lock and see the usual works-with but no mention of the API. This again raises the issue of leverage existing ecologies like Hubitat leveraged Smartthings. Don't know how difficult but there must be a way.

With so many locks that are actually supported directly by Hubitat, why would you want something that isn't and is likely cloud based (Amazon Key indicates this)??????

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Which locks would you suggest?

One of the z-wave or zigbee locks indicated to be compatible with Hubitat. The list of compatible devices has z-wave/zigbee locks by Alfred, August, Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale.

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I'm trying to get away from broken protocols like z-web/zigbee to move to IP-based ones. Both my Schlage and Yale require gateways to WiFi to get around the limitations of the zzz's. I also have Kwikset.

Broken protocols????? Please explain. Most people in this community have Zigbee, Zwave or both. WiFi appeals to people who are new to Home Automation, don't know what hubs are.

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What is your reasoning for calling zigbee and z-wave "broken protocols"? And IP based ones? Do you mean Wifi based devices? IP is not a protocol.

Hopefully you'll find something that meets your needs. Z-wave and zigbee have worked very reliably for me.

Simple example -- how does on adopt a device that is far from the Hubitat?

I took care to build strong z-wave and zigbee meshes. I know my locks paired in place (they're both z-wave).

Well, how far is far?

1st floor to 3rd flloor. But that's only one the reasons I don't want legacy protocols like zz.

Ok, I'll bite, what are the others?

Tcp/Ip and Http have been around much longer than the zz's, so I'm not sure "legacy" is the correct tag for them either...

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Legacy means the design point dates back to days of designing silo protocols for each application rather than using generic packets that are fungible across applications.