Schlage Lock Won't Connect to Hubitat or Wink

I tried moving my Schlage lock from my Wink hub over to my hubitat. It began to initialize and then got stuck and never finished. I tried several more times and no luck. I ran a exclusion and it did pick up the lock and removed the "unknown" device. Tried adding again, still no luck. Tried adding the lock back to Wink and couldn't get that to work either. I do have a repeater about 2ft away from the lock. This lock is probably 4 years old. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? Or should I just get something new that plays nice with Hubitat?

Ugh my favorite lock....

Try a factory reset it and then add it back in.

Also I had to move my hub to be almost sit on the lock to get it to join.

I wish you the best :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face:

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Are you following the advice in this video. I had similar issues but was successful when I followed the advice in the video.

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I just watched the video after my struggles. I ordered a 2nd extender to put near my hub. I’ll have it tomorrow. I’ll let everything settle and try again on Sunday and see if it works.

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Please run a z-wave repair a couple times (with a day gap in-between) after adding your second repeater.

Also, @TechMedX raises a really valid point. Locks and garage doors are paired securely. To my knowledge, secure include must be done directly with the z-wave controller (i.e. the Hubitat Elevation hub).

After a device is securely included, it can communicate with the z-wave controller using repeaters.

So, during inclusion, I believe you are best served placing the lock very close to the Hubitat.


Thanks for the help everyone. I got my lock paired yesterday. Took a few tries with exclusion and what not but I finally got it to pair when I moved the hub to about 6" away. Ran a repair and now I'll try setting up some rules and see how it works.


Update. So everything was working great but according to the event log the lock hasn’t responded to Hubitat since 5/18. Since then I’ve ran repairs for other issues but nothing has changed in or around the lock and repeater I have next to it. Pulled the lock apart and checked the firm ware and it’s 7.1. Am I overlooking something simple?

Where is/are the repeater(s) located in relation to the hub and the lock?

Closer to the lock isn't necessarily better. You might try moving the repeater, even if it is further away or in a different room. Radio waves aren't always logical things, you might have to experiment a bit.

Same goes for the hub, try moving it a bit, even if it is just 1-2 foot in a different direction. And I would keep it away from any other wifi interference, like don't sit it on top of your wifi router or something like that.

And because I don't see it above, and don't know if you have heard this before, be sure that the Wink is powered off. Similar to wifi interference above, two Zwave hubs fighting it out usually is a recipe for failure.