Schlage Lock with Google Home read only status

I wanted to see the status of the Schlage lock in Google home without being able to actually lock or unlock from Google.
Mostly new to Hubitat, so just wanted to see if I should have done this differently?

First, I setup the Schlage lock, and then wrapped it with Reliable Locks from HPM.
The problem is Google Home does not seem to support the Lock type.
Second, from other posts, created a Virtual Switch with Basic Rules.
a) if reliable lock locked, then set switch to On
b) if reliable lock unlocked, then set switch to Off
So this switch would import into Google Home, but you could toggle it to the wrong state.
I did not see a way to make it read-only.
Third, used Rule Machine to make sure toggle stays in correct state.
a) when virtual switch toggled off & reliable lock is locked, then toggle switch on
b) when virtual switch toggled on & reliable lock is unlocked, then toggle switch off.
So if somebody toggles the switch off in Google Home, it will get set back to On, representing the door is locked.

Haven't run it long, but one hiccup i've run into is sometimes the lock status might trash from unlocked - locked - unlocked - locked within a couple seconds after locking. For now, the Rule Machine rules have a slight delay to let that settle down before trying to fix the virtual switch state

The Mirror App might work. :thinking: