Schlage lock FE599 not reporting current state correctly

I have a Schlage lock FE599 that I pulled over from ST. Zwave excluded from ST properly (or so it seems) and included into HE after a couple of tries. However, when I look at the device page it does not report the current state correctly. It will be locked but page shows unlock.**

Sharp Tools does not show current state properly as well (I'm sure its fed from HE). Not able to lock/unlock in Sharp Tools as well.

Any ideas?


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I have 5 of these locks across 4 family member houses and NONE of them work correctly with HE. I've tried the ST driver config trick and others and they just are not supported (yet?).

I hope they get around to it soon. Very disappointing, but I know they've been busy with things like Iris V1 support.

I'm sorry to hear this. I have to say mine has been nearly perfect since I did the srwhite "trick" using the other driver and then switching back. I know they are working on it - they needed to get one in order to test . . .

Eric, thanks for the reply. I will give the driver trick tonight, hopefully it works out. I really want HE to work out, the door is a big deal for me. Thx Jim

Try the Reliable Lock App. I have three that report since wrapping them with it

I have mailed one to Mike, hopefully he can make them work


For now I would suggest doing both. The srwhite driver "trick" helps and the Reliable Locks creates some redundancy in case the lock doesn't work every time. One is in the lock (the parameters from the driver) the other is an application on the hub.

I did install the Reliable app and it does work much better than before, BUT... I can't change codes remotely and when the lock is changed locally it does take until the Reliable apps polling interval before I see the change. Both are VERY inconvenient.

Is the tile a Reliable lock tile or the schlage lock tile?

You have to control the lock using the Reliable tile

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Still having issues with lock not responding and reporting correctly. Lock is inside of "Reliable Lock" app. I have a RM that locks door during Night and Away mode, does not lock and does not report correctly.
Any ideas?

Even though I am using the same driver it still is not reliable as well. I know that someone said they sent one of the locks to Hubitat but I don't know when/if they are going to look into it and add support for it.

The lock/unlock for me works intermittently and I can not change the codes since the initial setup.

I think everyone is just waiting for them to add support.