Schlage lock code schedule

Can I schedule a job to enable and disable schlage users or to enter and remove lock codes? I have temporary workers in my house and I want to give them a lock code that only works during the day time.

The built-in app Lock Code Manager can do this. Lock Code Manager - Hubitat Documentation

See the last few items on that page, Assigning and changing user access privileges

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Do note that this is basically a one-time schedule. I don't see any options for something recurring, like every weekday 8-5. This would be doable with a rule or custom app (I think one of the user-created, paid "developers plus" apps has something like this), but I'm not sure I'd trust every lock to accurately receive these commands all the time given the mixed luck many people have, particularly with the Schlage. Maybe why LCM doesn't offer it. :slight_smile:


@panbapaul download Lock Share from Hubitat package manager. Has what you want


You can also add and delete codes with a rule and schedule when the codes are added and deleted. There are 3 parameters, the code position, the pin code and the name.

See this post for complete details. This example shows how to use an icon on a dashboard but you can also build a rule with a custom action for a lock that will add and delete the 3 parameters.

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Thanks but I want to add and remove codes, I don't want to make people use a mobile app.

What he is pointing to is a way for you to add/remove codes, not the people you are giving them to. You can create a rule to add remove codes at some times you want, and you can set those times also in a Dashboard.