Schlage encode zigbee BE468GBAK

Hi Team,
I have a Zigbee based Schlage encode BE468GBAK lock which I moved from Smartthings to HE. Ive done a factory reset and tried to pair it to the HE hub. It looks like its starting to pair and then the timer runs out without a proper success notification. I do see it in the device list and I manually go in to change the type to "Schlage BE468/BE469 Lock", but it doesnt seem to get any states from the lock and neither does it respond to any commands you send from the HE.
I have read another article on HE communities - Schlage BE468GBAK Zigbee Question but this article doesnt help as I am not going to buy another hub just for this. Does anyone have an updated/new workaround here which I havent thought of yet.

Wrong driver - that is for the Z-Wave Schlage locks, not the zigbee lock. Try the Generic Zigbee Lock driver. Be sure to click the Configure button on the device page.


The new hub in in that thread was only a necessity because of the Zigbee bulbs, which can cause routing problems for other devices. The most apparent problem for you is that you chose a Z-Wave driver for this device, but it's a Zigbee device. Try "Generic Zigbee Lock," then hit "Configure".

(Yes, it should choose this automatically on pairing; if you want to help make sure staff have the right fingerprint, you could also temporarily switch to the "Device" driver, hit "Get Info," and share the "fingerprint" line from the Logs output here. But the above should work.)


So initially it did show up as generic, but it wasnt updating status or receiving commands. So I did a factory reset again and changed to schlage BE468. That didnt work.
I factory reset again, and left it at generic and waited :slight_smile: Apparently it figured it out itself. I probably was hasty in the beginning.

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Sometimes with the locks it take a few for it to receive info. Also any time you change a driver, please click the configure button on that device's page.