Schlage deadbolt battery drainage issue with Hubitat


Anyone using Schlage deadbolt BE469 with Hubitat, there seems to be battery drainage issue.

I have had my Schlage lock for almost 2 years on original factory batteries, I purchased Hubitat on July 7th 2018 and installed in on July 10th 2018, created one rule to notify when door is opened between 10pm and 6am within two weeks my Schlage lock indicated low battery and the lock was none operational the next day. I purchased Duracell batteries installed it and within two weeks on Friday August 3rd the lock indicated low battery, I thought maybe batteries were old so I purchased another set of batteries from different store, installed it and again not even a week has past the lock is indicating low battery.

I think there is a communication issue between Schlage and Hubitat that is causing battery drainage, anyone has this issue?

In addition, can’t see existing Schlage codes in Hubitat portal, Hubitat is my first smart hub so not sure how other hubs work, shouldn’t the codes be visible so can add or modify?

Going to buy batteries again and remove Schlage from Hubitat see how it goes.

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Was this lock ever connected to a hub prior to hubitat?

Some Schlage locks (not sure if it's all of them or not) will not return the stored lock codes, you can set them, but not retrieve them.

Hi Mike,

The lock was never connected to any hub, Hubitat is my first smart hub.

There should be a way to see the set codes.

I am more concern on battery drainage while connected to Hubitat.

there is, use the set code command in the driver details (codeNumber, code, optional name)

Sure, the battery drainage is going to be higher now since the radio is actually doing something other than going along for the ride...

I have the same lock which was on smartthings for about 6 months, and then on hubitat since March and haven't had any battery issues. I'm actually very surprised at how well this thing holds battery. I've had it almost a year and would have expected to have changed the batteries but it's still reporting at 72%. I did have a weird thing happen with it when I first paired it up where it was acting sluggish, but an exclude,include fixed it up.

Maybe try a factory reset on the lock, and make sure you have a repeater if you're far from the hub.
Duracell are terrible batteries, not at all what they used to be. Don't fall for their marketing. These are good batteries and don't cost a lot.

Here are some tips that will also help you maximize the life of battery powered Z-Wave devices.

I moved my Schlage Connect deadbolt from SmartThings to Hubitat a month or so ago. The batteries lasted about a year on SmartThings, but I'm now replacing them every WEEEK with Hubitat. Does anyone have a prescription for solving this?

I've shut SmartThings down because I had moved everything over. Thinking I'll fire it back up if there's no good solution. Not concerned as much about the cost of batteries as I am about getting locked out of the house - as I did today!

I believe there is a fix coming in the next major release based off this: Adding user lock code failed on schlage lock

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I would try unpairing the lock and factory resetting it, then pair again....I have 3 of these 2 of which I put fresh batteries in just over 2 months ago when I started Hubitat, and of the 2 1-97% and 1-100% the third one was my newest lock (probably about a year old) and still has the original batteries at 52%

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Thanks! Will be on lookout.

Thanks! I have done the remove, reset and add. Hope that helps my battery drain problem.

Batteries lasted 9 days. I'm going to write to Schlage for advice. If there are other ideas please let me know!

It seems unlikely that it is coincidence that this problem began when I switched the lock to Hubitat, but I suppose it's possible.

Hub update 2.1.1 has Schlage drivers. You should definitely update and set the driver on your lock. Not sure if it’d help your battery issue, but worth a shot.

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I did contact Schlage, their reply "Unfortunately, Hubitat isn't a preferred partner, so we have no way to guarantee pairing to that hub wouldn't drain the batteries".

Have stopped using Schlage with Hubitat, because of the battery drainage issue.

I remember one of my neighbors getting a lock that kept draining batteries...seemed to be a build issue as they had it replaced within their warranty period. They used SmartThings at the time when the drain was happening...and as having 3 Schlage locks I can tell there is an issue as the lock closest to the hub has the least battery capacity (I change every 6 mos it seems).

I have not noticed this as an issue with any of my 3 locks

Good for you sir!

My first set of batteries after pairing the lock to Hubitat lasted 2 weeks. Then I added Aeotec repeaters. It's ~50 days, and the second set are reading 97%.


Same here - the locks closest to my hub seem to have the least issues with battery. Just sharing more data points. That close lock has the 8.0 firmware.

Before adding repeaters, 2 of my locks would drain their batteries quite fast. After the repeaters, only my one lock would drain fast, and that one was furthest from the hub. That far lock has 7.1 firmware.

With the new drivers in 2.1.1 I'm hopeful that this will resolve all of the issues I was having (batteries, locks falling off the mesh) - in combination with the 4 Aeotec repeaters.

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Thanks! Just switched to the BE468/469 driver. Fingers crossed about the battery life.