I’ve been reading up on the many issues HT users have with the schlage connect’s. I have two of these locks. They mostly function and operate as I need however on a couple instances, both locally and via cloud, I had tried to lock/unlock the locks from the dashboard and they do not respond. The dashboard almost seems to freeze. I hit the little green check which seems to refresh it and it returns to the previous state before my action input. My question is if there is a rule or notification I can create that will alert me when this happens instead of needing to manually check it. I tried searching in advance but did not come up with anything so apologies in advance if this has been addressed already.

You probably have some basic Z-wave issues like ghosts, signal strength (lack of repeaters) or similar.

Could you post a screenshot of your Z-wave details page (all columns)?


That door lock appears to have quite low signal strength, 0-2db is pretty low, and that one lock (0x22) has LOTS of route changes. Here is the recommendation from Z-wave alliance:

I bet you have no repeaters or line powered devices (switches, outlets, etc) in proximity to that lock. In addition, you have lots of battery powered sensors and very few repeating devices in general.

Just for comparison, my worst Schlage lock which is furthest from the hub is 14db, and 30 neighbors. There are times it has a lag where my other two identical Schlage do not. 14db is barely enough to lock and unlock reliably.

My recommendation would be to add a repeater(s) between the lock(s) and hub, and give the hub a couple days to a week to sort out the new routing. Maybe do a Z-wave repair on the lock nodes to help encourage a better route after installing the repeaters.

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You do have a ghost that needs to be removed (the one with nothing in the routing column) That will help things. Then as @neonturbo add a beaming repeater (I recommend the Ring v2 Extenders, they're fabulous and have battery backup so they can be used to trigger other automations)

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It also could be a sensor that hasn't checked in for a while.

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With a discover button next to it?

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Ok, good to know. Thanks for the quick feedback. I have several powered devices waiting to be installed. Maybe I'll use this as the motivation to go ahead and install them.

Of note, the 'Basement Door - Lock' shows 0dB but is only about 30ft from the Hub. Only line of sight interference between the two is the 'Bourbon Closet-Lock" (door) which doesn't have any signal feedback. Thoughts?

Maybe. Try waking it up, hit Discover, and see if it comes back. If not then yea, a ghost.

YEah but if you don't know what device it is....

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Devices don't always show RSSI, especially after a reboot or if they haven't been used in a while so that doesn't bother me. The low RSSI on many of your devices and the high number of route changes does.

The distance isn't necessarily a good indicator if something will work or not. Cement walls, metal lath in plaster walls, metal air ducts, mirrors, and other objects can attenuate the signal. Radio waves do what they want.

I second the recommendation for the Ring Range Extenders if you need something, they work quite well and are inexpensive. But I would try those devices you have and see if it makes a difference.

I am making a (maybe bad) assumption that you would know by name which sensors you have, and what are shown on the chart. If you have one extra sensor on the chart than physically, then yes, it is definitely a ghost.

Well that's the thing, no name on the device in his table. It does say notification sensor but that's it.