Schlage Connect smart lock BE469 vs BE469ZP

I have a problem. I have a Hubitat and no devices to connect to it! I'm looking at getting a smart lock for the front door and am thinking about the Schlage Connect. So, considering I am still a complete noob at this, I checked the list of compatible devices. It has the BE469 but not BE469ZP, which I think is the same lock but with Z-Wave Plus instead of just Z-Wave. Can I assume it will still work?

ZWave will work and ZWave Plus will work...


Locks are tricky devices and you will look back on this day and tell yourself... I wish I had started with a simpler device.

Locks are Barrier devices, they must be joined Securely. Door and window contacts, Light switches / dimmers and outlets don't need to be joined securely.

Locks are battery devices BUT they need to be active a lot and thus to save battery they work really hard to be On for a tiny fraction of time. Which means a Hub may not catch it when it's awake. "Beaming" was invented for that reason. AC powered ZWave devices can sit between the Hub and the Lock to focus all of it's attention on telling the lock, during the brief time it is awake, that the hub has a message.

What I'm saying is.. it will work, but you owe it to yourself to begin with a Light switch (or outlet.)


It was due to me getting one of these locks really cheap that led me down the HA rabbit hole and purchasing my ST hub. I have purchased many devices since then. It has by far been the most finicky of them all.

It was not till I switched to hubitat and purchased several repeaters that it finally quit giving me grief. It has been damn solid since.

I agree with @csteele the lock may leave you with a bad taste as a first experience.

And ideally, a z-wave+ switch/outlet. If you're unsure, you could also always get an Aeotec Range Extender 6. My z-wave network has been super-stable since I installed a few of them around the house.

Yeah, I've actually decided to put the locks on hold for a while anyway. My wife wants to replace the front door completely so it would be best to wait and just do it then. I'm already looking at some Zooz plugs and switches, so that'll likely be the first thing I do.

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Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the products! Good luck with the project :slight_smile:

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