Schlage Connect BE469 Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt w/ Built-in Alarm

Hello, Relatively new here and TRYING to migrate away from WINK after their terrible month and a half hiatus with no service, Everything has a lag now after the restart, and I have had a HUBITAT fired up and ready to go (Nothing connected) for over a year now... Just seems rather complex and I'm not a logical programming type - so scary to do away with WINK for me... BUT IT NEEDS TO BE DONE !

So - with all that said - I need some help/advice, please:

I have found a video in order to exclude my SCHLAGE and the include it into the Hubitat system. I have Aeotec range extenders 7 added just in case (rather large area from Hubitat to the lock). So - I believe I can get it installed simply, but my issue is about alerts.

WINK tells you that the "Door" has been unlocked or locked. I really don't care about telling me whose code was used, etc. I have cameras to see who might be there if necessary. I just want to be notified if the PHYSICAL DEADBOLT is locked or unlocked from either inside or outside the home. I'm assuming that if someone uses a code, the physical deadbolt locks or unlocks, so that would be included in what I'm wanting.

I have searched, but can't seem to find anything covering all aspects including just the deadbolt being actuated either in extended or retracted position.

Can anyone help with this? Is there a user app that I can add to Hubitat to alert me if these conditions exist?

Again - thank you. This will either make me migrate totally or let me know to stay with the dreaded WINK HUB 2.

Simplest way is probably to use one of the rules engines (pick whichever you’re most comfortable with), and set up a rule (or two) that sends you a notification when the deadbolt is locked or unlocked.

Very simple using the built-in Notifications app.

Edited: I have the very same lock and this works reliably.

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Simple notification (you can leave out the variables)

And then if you want a visual status, create a dashboard that has the locks on them

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as pointed out it can be done. Please be aware that those locks were removed from the compatible devices list, and search the forum to see other users' experiences. You could wind up being happy or not

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Hey there,

Thanks for the info. Once I move the lock over to Hubitat, will I have a notifications option like you have?

Right now if I create a notification from the built in App - it only gives an option for "Lock code"


Thank you for the info..

Why would they be removed from compatible locks list? Was it because the locks never functioned with Hubitat correctly? This is what I need to know before migrating...

Thank you

If you don't have a lock installed, it won't show in the list. Down at the bottom should be a list of capabilities that you don't have installed.

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Their function was very dependent on the firmware version of the lock. FWIW, the newer zwave+ Schlage deadbolts work well with Hubitat. For the obsolete z-wave versions, FW versions older than 7.1 are hit and miss.

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Because of variations in the firmware. Pretty much anything using firmware 7.10 and above is fine, below that it's a crap shoot. Schlage won't put out firmware updates so they have problems pairing. Ethically Hubitat couldn't keep it on the list but left the drivers in place for those that do connect it. And forget about anything using a 300 series chip with the 700 series hub. No go

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Essentially correct. The reason behind is, likely to do with only validating a single or limited number of firmware versions as being compatible with the hub. There are plenty of posts regarding trouble with utilizing the locks in these forums. So to increase the chance of success, you'd have to have the right firmware version, so buy where you can return if things don't work. I can't see the firmware version in my C7, and believe you'd have to look at the inside of the lock to determine the firmware version, removing from the door, unless another here knows an alternate method? Maybe a z-wave stick as a secondary controller?

In any event, it's not 100% on HE, as even smartthings users complain about these locks. I'd say it's 60% the manufacturer's fault, and 40% on the hub, being shortsighted to list the device as compatible without researching, for both ST & HE. Issues with Schlage locks even predate the creation of the HE hub.
In general with many smart devices, you'l discover those with many firmware revisions can cause headaches. And above all, home automation is still evolving, as witnessed by the myriad of protocols available and multiple protocols still in development.

None of this is meant to discourage you, but rather to set realistic expectations. Check these forums for devices known to work well, and you'll save tons of time and money. I tried to do with "cheap" smart devices , lost much money and even more time. Again you can find some economical devices that work well, just check here first, and ask around.
Lastly, and most importantly you will have a very hard time, finding a community as friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping each other, as this one right here.

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The built in Device Firmware Updater app will give you the firmware version.

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@Valorguy Your original Schlage User Guide has a sticker on the back indicating the exact model and firmware of your lock.

Don’t be discouraged by the reports of problems with this lock. I suspect that more Hubitat users have this lock connected and working properly, as I do, than those who have problems. Users don’t usually post to this forum about what devices are working. Most users only post when they have questions or a problem. “Squeaky wheel” gets all the attention.


SO - I'm going to try and change it over this weekend.

I do have Firmware of 6.8. That leaves me wondering if it will be an EPIC fail.

If the installation just doesn't work, I'm guessing I can put back over to Wink possibly, or will I have messed that up entirely by moving over to Hubitat?

If you've cancelled your subscription you won't be able to put it back on unless you reactivate it.

Steps to pair

1:Turn off Wink
2:Factory reset the lock
3:initiate pairing on the hub first then the lock. Do this within 2-3 feet of the hub.
4:If you have it put a beaming repeater as close to the lock as you can
5:I'm an Atheist but recommend prayer on anything below 7.10

Good luck!

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Thank you for that clear info....

Like you said - praying... Because if it doesn't work (From what I can see) there really aren't good options for me to replace the whole front door lock/deadbolt and setup in the color I need...

You can get the plus version nowdays in the oil rubbed bronze. They work fine (I have 3 of them)


I'm looking to setup one of these Schlage Connect Touchscreen deadbolt with alarm BE469NX locks. According to the label on the manual, it's firmware 0.8.0 (8.0?). I've been looking for the driver in the Add device in the Hubitat C7 hub but can't seem to locate one. Can you point me in the right direction. TIA.

Just use "Add Device Manually" then "Z-wave", not the "By Brand" or "By Type" menus.