Schlage Connect 469 Driver Port

Is there anyone willing to port this ST driver/app to HE, please... ?

There is no need to. There is a built-in driver for these.

Originally these were on the compatibility list, but due to mixed user experiences Hubitat removed them but they left the driver available.

Edit: Crap, didn't realize you wanted the Rboy app. However I don't see the need for it.


That's an RBoy app and corresponding DH. The end user license accompanying it restricts modification, distribution, or reuse in any manner. From RBoy's website:

However, you could ask @RBoy if they'd like to port their apps/drivers to Hubitat. There are other Hubitat developers who charge for their apps/drivers, like @yracine66, who have found ways to do it.


The app on ST has support for the tamper alarm on the 469 zwave lock.

Ahhhhhh That makes sense...thank you.

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Ah, that would be one thing the built in driver doesn't do.


Lol exactly and what I'm looking for. My spouse is deaf and anything I can use to assist with audible alarms.

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You could look into a chime alarm. Door opens and a loud beep(s)

I already do that with contact sensors... but this is the tamper alarm like if someone tries messing with the lock while it's locked it goes off.

Yeah I know, I have 3 of them. I hardly worry about that... I only use it for the notice kids are going in or out...