Schlage BE489WB

I will start this off by saying I am completely a noob so any patience would be appreciated.

I recently purchased a Schlage BE489WB lock. This is their Encode wifi version lock which works with Alexa, Amazon Key & Google Assistant. The lock works incredible out of the box using either the Schlage app or Alexa. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to use the Alexa skill for locking/unlocking the lock with Hubitat. I installed the Hubitat skill in Alexa but when go into Hubitat it does not appear that the lock skill came over. What I’d like to do is be able to use an Alexa routine for things like goodnight, or welcome home/leaving home. Since this lock is only wifi and does not appear to support zigbee or zwave like the Sense versions I figured hooking into Alexa would be my only option. One other thing I noticed but haven’t been able to find any additional information on is that the lock I bought seems to use BT in some fashion even though it’s not advertised as having that functionality. Is there anything that one of you might be able to steer me to to get my integration working?

This is the opposite direction of the way the Hubitat Alexa Skill works: it brings Hubitat devices into Alexa, not the other way around. (So basically this gives you "works with Alexa" capability for whatever arbitrary, supported device you have in Hubitat.)

Can you use an Alexa routine to lock/unlock these locks? If so, one option you can use given the constraints is to create a virtual device in Hubitat that can trigger a routine in Alexa, then change the state of that Hubitat device to trigger the Alexa routine whenever you want that routine (lock/unlock actions) to run. A virtual button or switch might make sense, but Alexa doesn't let you use those as triggers, just contact or motion sensors. So, one option is to create a virtual motion sensor (or two, one for lock and one for unlock) in Hubitat and expose that to Alexa. Then, create an Alexa routine that locks or unlocks when either sensor becomes active. To trigger the routine from Hubitat, you'd have to send a custom command to the sensors to trigger their "active" state. For testing (or real life if you're really OK with this), you can click the "Active" or "Inactive" buttons on their device page. Long-term, if this is something you want to do, you may want to find a way to make a rule that does this for you based on some real-world trigger. If you get that far and want help doing so, I'm sure lots of people can suggest things that would work if you explain more.

That being said, you still won't get the locked/unlocked status back into Hubitat (unless you can similarly sync that through a virtual device with a routine, but I don't have anything like this I can test). I'm sure you're aware that you're likely to get the best experience by using a lock natively supported by Hubitat, which would be most Z-Wave or Zigbee locks.

Good luck!


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