/Schlage BE469ZP Z wave plus - how to connect to hubitat

I do not see the schlage option on list of compatible devices with hubitat. When I try to add it as a generic z way device it does not pick it up. All I want to do is be able to lock and unlock device from my phone.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Have watched the videos but am getting confused. TIA!

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To begin with:

  1. How z-wave devices do you have in total paired to the hub? How many of them are repeaters?
  2. How far is the lock from the hub?
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Only 1 lock. The hub is connected to the modem - and I would say it is like about 50 feet away. I have tried including it - excluding it - factory reset - watching other helpful youtube videos - doing the QR scan to add (that just got me to included and pending and then I could not figure out what to do..)...

50 feet is a lot for a z-wave lock-- you'll almost certainly need at least one z-wave repeater somewhere in between.


Something like this? Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Range Extender ?

I have the same lock BE469ZP (Z-wave+) and the only way to get it semi stable was to add an Aeotec repeater 7 about 3 feet away. It works but not 100%. In fact on Saturday night when it got cold ~28 F, the lock freaked out and no the lithium Energizers are not dead. Even changing to brand new batteries did not help. The keypad was dead, no lights, nothing, although it was sending messages about the manual lock/unlock cycles I was doing. Now today it's warmer 38F and the lock is functioning.
My next lock will be Zigbee and not Schlage


That would work, but no reason to pay the Aeotec premium just for that -- any relatively new mains-powered z-wave device will repeat perfectly well -- e.g. a smart plug.

Avoid really cheap / total no-name devices as a general rule, but your definitely don't need to pay thru the nose either (Aeotec stuff works well, but is darn pricey).


Okay thank you. Not familiar with this stuff at all! Just googling things and piecing it all together! ha.

I would recommend the Ring v2 extender over that...

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Also look at this link especially the schlage lock mention

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You need to pair these at about 2-3 feet from the hub. Also, be sure to factory reset the lock before trying to first Exclude the lock (using Z-wave in the Add/Remove menu) then do the Inclusion.

Like the others have mentioned, having just a Z-wave lock and no repeaters is a recipe for disaster. Here is one recent example. I'm tired of [jobs-failed:1] messages :-(

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