Schlage BE469NX connectivity issues / unreliable

I'm no authority, but that was my experience. The better the mesh, the longer my batteries were lasting. Before I got the repeaters, and when I didn't have enough repeaters, my batteries were dying in just a few weeks. Now they last a few months on the doors that get used several times a day. On the doors that are used a few times a week they have only been changed once.


Same experience here. First set of batteries on Hubitat (before range extenders) lasted ~2 weeks. The second set were put in the first week of May (along with 4 range extenders) and are currently reporting ~80% (so at least 3 months ....).

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What Kwikset ZigBee locks did you change too?

Update: the lock is FW7.1 I found out. Also, after installing a couple new z wave plus in wall dimmers nearby, the lock doesn’t drain batteries as much. Even when using an Aeotech Repeater it didn’t do this. Also, while I can control the lock from the Hubitat, the lock never properly reports it’s state unless it gets a refresh command sent to it.

After a few hours after power cycling the lock by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery pack, it no longer communicates on its own. So I can lock and unlock, but can’t use the lock state in any automations. Even the lock code notifier doesn’t work.

I'm not sure what changed but my BE469 stopped communicating with the HE on Oct 30th. No new event in the list since. I've already replaced the batteries, and have initiated a z-wave repair on HE. No event. Not when I use the code to open, nor when I turn the handle. Won't do anything when I use the available commands in the device setup, like refresh, lock, unlock, etc.

Do I need to remove it and try pairing again?
What else could I try?

That happens to me every month or so. I found that temporarily unplugging the batteries seems to fix the issue (until the next time it happens).

Yeah I'm about to smash these things with a hammer. Are there any other hubs I can add these too and link the hub to hubitat? I have probably 30 wired z wave plus devices and my locks still suck!

I've actually been in contact with the Hubitat support. Bobby discovered that I have other zwave issues which keeps the hub from maintaining a reliable mesh. So I need to get this fixed before I can even think about going into detail with the lock. Might be worth looking into.


It actually was one of the few things that worked well with the Wink 2 hub but I don't think it's a good idea investing in those right now. Besides it might interfere with your existing zwave mesh.

Have you considered using your Wink Hub 2 as a z-wave repeater with Hubitat? People who have done this say it works very well.

Yes, I actually have used the Wink 2 hub as a repeater when I first included the lock into the Hubitat network, and it worked right away.
But when I tried to use it again a few days ago, it didn't work anymore but instead crashed the HE zwave radio temporarily. Had to power down the HE, unplug it, and then boot it up again. However now I have several zwave nodes that can't build a mesh routing anymore. It looks like I'm facing a full zwave radio reset. Horror.

Here's something I did and I have never done. I was so upset with the BE469 I was ready to toss it to the junk. I went to Settings > Shut down hub. I had it shut down for about 2 hours. Started it back up and everything in HE has been working flawlessly ever since. It's now been at 3 weeks.

Not saying this will help your case but I did mine... Oh and also I changed the batteries in the lock from a LIthium to Alkaline.

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This suck, I have the problem, can’t believe that there hasn’t been a firmware to fix this consider how long this thread been on.
I witch to Hubitat from ST to avoid problem. You would think that they would take it serious when it come to lock. Wtf I thought Hubitat suppose to be reliable. If it leave my lock unlock what good is it.

Have you contacted Support about your lock issue ?
As was noted earlier In[quote="concan, post:89, topic:10173"]
Bobby discovered that I have other zwave issues which keeps the hub from maintaining a reliable mesh. So I need to get this fixed before I can even think about going into detail with the lock.

I appreciated the help, but does the hub really had to be next to the lock for it to work. With ST a lot of motion detector and button doesn’t always work but the Schlage had never been a problem, seem like the same problem with other. The only problem is with Hubitat, I don’t expect the community to figure out a solution. You would think the developer would fix it with firmware update considering it’s a security item

I had very similar problems with my lock on SmartThings. Since Hubitat and putting a ZEN06 outlet in the same room with it, it's been much better (not perfect but much better).

I have zooz switch all over my house should have more than enough repeater

Getting a 2nd Hubitat fixed my issue. A new C5 is the same cost as 2 Aeotec repeaters (I have 5 repeaters that I bought before getting a 2nd hub exclusively for my locks)

Getting a 2nd Hubitat is the only thing that completely resolved my issue: Adding Aeotec Range Extenders has made my BE469 and FE599 locks reliable

@liemdam, ANOTHER possible solution is to maybe leave your locks on your ST and link to HE using the HubConnect AP.
Personally I don’t use HubConnect but there are many very happy users linking up Hubs of all sorts.

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