Schlage BE469 z-wave plus

Continuation of the last Schlage thread. So obtained one with 10.6 firmware and paired it yesterday. As with others I had to pair it within a couple of feet of the hub. Other than not being recognized as a lock (was simply recognized as DEVICE) and switching it to the Be469 driver, I’ve not found any issues. Works like a charm. Wondering if I should capture the fingerprint for HE guys. It did take a few minutes for HE to discover the capabilities of the lock even though using the regular be469 driver (battery, codes, etc). Again interesting behavior but overall works fine... Just throwing this out there.

I have been debating getting either the zwave or Zigbee version. So I am curious how it works out.

How far away is your hub, do you have a large zwave network?

I have 3 Schlage locks and all work well. My hub is central in the house though as recommended by DIY Smart Home Guy in the video YouTube , I use a repeater near the front and back doors. I have had 0 issues with my z-wave locks. As to the size of my network most of my stuff is z-wave and Lutron (all my switches), but my door and motion sensors are all zigbee.

I second the BE469. Great lock zero issues. About 15 feet line of sight from hub. no walls. 4 repeaters, (well they came with my devices-didn't need them for lock to work), and lock was fine before them.
Zooz 5 plug strip, aeotec siren5, monoprice zwave+ plug w/2USB ports, qubino dual relay are the repeaters.

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