Schlage BE469 paired not secure but I have z-wave in all secure mode


I ordered a new Schlage BE469, when I tried to pair it will not pair using secure pair only lock and garage, I tried changing to all devices and now the lock paired but not secured, how is this possible? Is not supposed to not pair anything non secure in this mode?

It's not working... any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

a secure device can pair in-secure, no matter the settings in the zwave control panel, forcing all secure won't fix it, all that will do is allow something like a motion sensor to pair secure.

the security key exchange failed, too far from hub, full moon, this lock is just a pain to join.

Basically, you will want to familiarize yourself with astronomy so you'll know when the stars are in the correct alignment before proceeding. It might help if you know a priest, shamen, or other spiritual advisor. I also advise talking to the hub in a calm, soothing voice so it can relax enough to feel secure around the lock.

When you finally do get the lock to connect securely. Stop what you're doing and run out and purchase as many lottery tickets as you can afford before your luck runs out! It might also be a good idea to ask for that raise you want too.


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Hahaha must be the red moon for sure because I got it paired securely! Now let me go to a 7-eleven!

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