Scheduling events

Hi all,

Working my way through all the options and having a play with a new C-8 before I flatten it and start with a proper installation.

The one thing I can't work out how to do is schedule things. Specifically in my case, I want to schedule hot water and central heating - both will have different times within a day (and different on different days) when they should be active. With HomeSeer which I am migrating from, I used a plugin which let me generate schedules from which I could trigger events. I can't see any way of doing this either natively within Hubitat or by way of a third-party app.

I can't believe there's no way of setting up a user-editable (and that's key, my wife, a complete technophobe, has to be able to change the schedule really easily).

Is this possible?

TIA. Nicholas.

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Yes, you can day/time based scheduling or conditions within an app like Rule Machine to provide this type of functionality.

This will take some more effort, and may not pass the WAF (wife acceptance factor).


I wonder if the Google Calendar integration might work for this…?


Thank you - I've had a look at the rule machine in depth and that looks OK (far from ideal, but OK). Unfortunately it's not at all reasonable of me to expect somebody else in the household to have to understand how it works :frowning:

Hmm. At first I thought this wouldn't work, but actually, maybe it's a reasonable compromise... I'll have a play. The only downside is I wanted to be out of the cloud.

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Use Rule Machine for the logic and a dashboard for the UI. Not sure what you need, but you will probably need to create variables that you can edit on the dashboard that correspond to the times you want things to turn on/off.

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One of the variable types is date/time.

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