Scheduled Tasks in Rules

Something curious I found will exploring. I have several rules created with Rule Machine to fire off at certain times during the day. Although they all appear to be running daily, only about half of them show up in scheduled tasks under the log section. I looked inside the settings for each rule and found the same thing. I'm attaching two examples. Some show a scheduled task and some don't. I've deleted the rules and re-created them but they still don't show up as scheduled. Weird thing is, they appear to run...

I think it depends on the time you are using.
I believe fixed times like @ 05:21 or 18:22 will appear but times sunset/sunrise do not.
Are there the ones that do not show anything in the scheduled jobs?

Yes, as a matter of fact they are all based on sunrise and sunset... There are deviations with + or - a few minutes so they all don't run at the same time... That would explain it if sunrise / sunset don't show as a norm, but half of them are there and half aren't. :slight_smile: :crazy_face:

Is this a known "bug" or designed this way? Again, they all seem to fire... I just thought it was weird they don't show up as scheduled.

No, this is not a bug. Schedules for Sunrise, Sunset and times after those are triggered by the system events for Sunrise and Sunset. For a time after one of those, there will be a scheduled job for the duration of time after sunrise and sunset, so you'd only see it during that interval. For schedules at sunrise or sunset, there will never be a scheduled job. For schedules before sunrise or sunset, there is a scheduled job created at today's sunrise or sunset for tomorrow's time before.

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I see scheduled jobs for my sunset +/- an offset.

Only as described above. You will also see Event Subscriptions for sunrise or sunset, and if before is selected for sunrisetime or sunsettime. These events cause things to happen, and cause the creation of scheduled jobs for the specific intervals before or after sunrise/sunset. These are dynamically scheduled since sunrise and sunset change every day.

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