Scheduled Messages for Device Status

I am trying to send a myself a daily message (email) on the status of some of my devices. I can see that the Rule Machine allows me to trigger a message at a specific time of day but I can't see how to include the status of my devices in that message.

Any help would be much appreciated!

What do you mean with "status"? If you're looking for a specific device state (switch on, motion active, contact open, etc.), you can create a local variable, use the "device attribute" option under Set Variable to set the variable to what yiire looking for, then include that vaeiahke in your text. That's the general idea; I can get more specific if you need help somewp, or if this isn't what you're looking to do at all.

Yes, that is what I want to do. I created a rule to run at a specific time and an action to send a message. I created a variable and then an action to set the variable but I do not see an option to set the variable to a device attribute. The only options I see to set the variable are true, false, comparison, logical or variable.

Guess I must be looking in the wrong place?

Sounds like you created a Boolean variable. You need a String for this.

Ah yes! Many thanks.

And as usual around here...there's an app (or several) for that:

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2023-02-08 10_36_15-Hubs, Network, & Tech

2023-02-08 10_36_31-Hubs, Network, & Tech

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Yeah, I should note that the difficulty of getting so many status into one message via a rule became too cumbersome after more than a few devices, so I eventually wrote this app instead. But, a rule is certainly do-able if you don't mind some clicking. :slight_smile:

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