Scheduled Jobs

I have three Zwave Smoke detectors. Just one of them has a Job Pending and the Handler = Logsoff. Neither of the other two have this and it appears that this does in fact log off. I can not figure out where this is coming from or how to stop it. Searching for "Scheduled Jobs" did not get me anywhere. Need help getting this job cancelled. Thanks

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What is the motivation for cancelling this scheduled job? Is there a problem you are trying to solve?

By default, Hubitat drivers enable debug logging for 30 minutes after installation before automatically disabling it (assuming you do not want these extra log entries enabled when normally using the device but might be curious to see if anything goes wrong shortly after pairing). The automatic disabling is done by a scheduled job, and that is the particular scheduled job it seems like you've found here. It sounds like you might be confusing the name of this scheduled job with some other function. Z-Wave does not have anything like "logging off" of a computer if that's what you're thinking of...

This scheduled job should then (eventually) happen, and the scheduled job should get erased. Rarely, the job will be missed (say, because you had your hub rebooting for an update at that exact moment), and you might see the job "stuck" there for a bit before the scheduler eventually clears them out. If you have a very old one that you don't think cleared and debug logging got stuck on for that reason, it's easy to just manually disable that yourself and hit "Save Preferences." (Or you could re-enable debug logging or keep it enabled, hit "Save Preferences," and it should create a new scheduled job to automatically disable it and overwrite the old scheduled job, in case that's not enough). But that alone shouldn't cause any problems, hence me wondering what's really happening. :slight_smile:


Thank you. You are correct. I just let it alone, the job ran and then cleared. You answered my question as to how it got there in the first place since I did not schedule anything myself. So that "issue" is resolved. My quest began with a zwave smoke detector that started the audible alert due to a low battery. Hubitat showed the battery level at 82% but then I noticed the last reported activity was last February. Once I replaced the batteries and started fussing with it I started getting more current reports so I abort my plan to remove the device and reconnect. It does point out to me however that I need to install one of the available apps to monitor for devices that stop reporting.
Thanks for the assist.