Scheduled Cloud Backup keeps failing

I have searched high and low and tried what I think is everything. The answer will likely be a silly oversight but…

I keep getting alerts that my scheduled overnight cloud backup failed. I have had this setup and had a subscription from the beginning. It works when I manually kick it off. I am on the latest releases always. It never had a problem until about April of this year as far as I can tell. All the cloud backups in my current list were manually initiated at this point.

Any suggestions are welcome. @bobbyD

Since April, huh?! Now, that's what I call great resilience to imperfection. Will check and get back to you, shortly.

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Looks like you have frequent cloud disconnects at most inopportune times. Sent you a PM with more details.

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LOL, my HE has been so rock solid of late that I developed a bad habit of not inspecting it for the past few months. The few times I did, and noticed the cloud backup issue I wrote it off as a fluke. Thanks for the assist.


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