Scheduled battery level report

I was thinking of creating a monthly notification that would list the battery levels of all of my devices versus alerting when they are low (since that seems to be flaky). How can I use RM to grab the battery level of a device? This is what I am trying:

Don't know the actual answer to your question, as I don't use RM.

That said, you can do what you want in the Device Watchdog app.

" Battery Reports:

  • Create Battery reports based on level.
  • Choose whether to show devices that are Above or Below the set level."
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I can't find the thread, but I'm pretty sure you cannot do this via RM (I tired and asked before, but can't find it now). In the end I used Device Watchdog as mentioned by @JasonJoel

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Thank you for this info! I was unaware of device watchdog.

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For fun, I tried this in RM. It's not impossible, but this is the best I could come up with:

This isn't quite as crazy as it might looks: you just need to temporarily shove the battery attribute value for the device into a variable, then add the device name (manually typed) plus this variable into what will eventually be your notification string (another variable). But since there's no easy way to iterate over a collection of devices, this still seems tedious and error-prone if you have enough devices (or want to change one out later).

So, I'd still recommend an app...but if you don't like custom code or want to do this for some reason, all hope isn't lost :slight_smile: