Schedule View like Wink?

Hi, I'm a new Hubitat user, a refugee from Wink.

One of WInk's best features was it's easy to use schedule view, which let you set up time based actions.

What is the equivalent function in Hubitat? Is it Rule Machine?

I don't remember what that looks like. Nonetheless, the simplest equivalent app in Hubitat would be "Simple Automation Rules".

It allows you to automate lights/switches using a variety of triggers, including a defined time. The trigger is called "At a Specific Time".

Here's the link to the Simple Automation Rules documentation.

P.S. Welcome to Hubitat!


I was using Wink until recently.
Simple Automation Rules is indeed the equivalent as @aaiyar mentioned. I wanted to clarify that Rule Machine is for more complex rules. Also, before creating to many rules, go to Hubitat's website and look at the tutorial on Mode Manager; it's an alternative way of setting times across all your rules.

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