Schedule Hub Zwave Repair with Rule Machine

I'm trying to schedule a reboot via rule machine. I've tried an HTTP GET and POST of "HUB.IP:8080/hub/zwaveRepair" but neither seem to trigger the repair.

If I type the same thing into a browser it triggers the repair.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Are you trying to reboot the hub or do a z-wave repair?

Oops. Woke up too early and posted this. I'm trying to zWave repair... corrected the title.

I use this rule. Be sure to include the http://

to reboot use

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Am curious as to why running it this much is necessary?

One thing you might be draining your batteries for battery devices like locks.

Here is a great article taken from another thread..


Good info, but to be fair it does not say how often the command will be used. The question was what is the command. Maybe the plan is once a year (doubtful, but I hate assuming!) :wink:

yeah might also be nice to control from an external dashboard. The only issue there is Z-wave network gets flaky while repair is running so maybe not something you want to do during regular family hours!!


I see you're using "restart". I was using "reboot". Is there any difference between the two http commands?

I've moved over from Smartthings. I have about 300 devices split over 8 hubitats (essentially a hubitat per few rooms in my house). I find hubitat horrible for signal strength compared to smartthings - running a nightly reboot + zwave repair seems to keep things generally in check.

What is the downside to rebooting around 2:30am then running a zwave repair at 3:00am? I figure this keeps things nice and tidy instead of letting the hubitat run and run and eventually slow to a weird crawl?

I'm only running rule machine and no other custom apps except MyQ.

Was forced to switch to hubitat for lutron integration. It's great, but like I mentioned above, much slower than smartthings + webcore overall.

Wow something is wrong with your setup, if you truly believe that statement. I will give you that the hubitat Z radios are not as strong and it needs some repeater help, but that statement is way off. IMO and experience with both hubs.

That is a lot of hubs. Are you counting your Lutron devices? If you are using Lutron for lighting you may not have enough line power Z-wave + devices to create a strong mesh. When I replaced my Z+ switches with Lutron the mesh suffered. I had to add Aeotec repeaters to get things back up to snuff.

I have since started replacing all my outlets (sockets) with either Z+ or ZB to create a strong underlining mesh for each protocol. I run about 200 devices on 1 hub with no issues (if we are including Lutron with is not really "on the hub") You should not need that many hubs unless you have out buildings far away or something. You can I just think it is not needed.

Not that you do not know, but check out

You have me beat!!

I only have 3 hubs - 2 of which are active with Zigbee/Z-Wave - the other one is dedicated to cloud services. I only have about 150 devices or so. I too came over from SmartThings a while ago. I also love/loved WebCoRE. I hear the current HE iteration is very good.

While it's been mentioned that the HE radio might be "weaker" than ST a proper built mesh should make up for it. There are a bunch of people in this community with similar #'s of devices but not quite that many hubs. Every layout and requirement is different I guess.

By running a repair that frequently I'm not sure your network ever gets settled properly but I could be wrong. That may be a good question for @bobbyD or @bcopeland question...

There really isn’t a need to run repair unless you have just made a change in mains powered z-wave devices..


No - its zwave devices only. I have about 30 zigbee devices but no issues with tthose (including Xiaomi humidity sensors which don't seem to drop off the network for me - work great).

I was forced to get this many hubs otherwise nothing would work. The antenna is unbelievably weak on the hubitat.

Have been using zwave/smartthings for at least 5 years. Never had an issue with that setup (only have two smartthings hubs).

It has to be the antenna on the Hubitat that is causing these issues. I've bashed my head against the wall for months trying to get things working smoothly until finally broke down and installed the additional hubs with hubconnect.

Even then, depending on the room dynamics (e.g., HE in master bedroom but also controlling devices in the master bathroom beyond an insulated wall) - it is still sluggish.

This is why I'm hoping a nightly zwave repair MIGHT help.

I hope the next hardware version has a much better antenna - because otherwise the platform is pretty good.

I thought this as well - but considering I had the same amount of devices split over two smartthings hubs without ever an issue, the Hubitat is the only variable.

My house has every interior wall insulated with Rockwool. I think this could be killing the signal. But I agree in theroy a strong mesh should fix the issue - but doesn't seem to work in my case.

A Good repeater near the hub should fix that issue.

taking from the linked article above.

Z-Wave, or z-wave plus? What is your battery to line/mains power devices? Do you have any repeaters?

It sounds like your mesh needs more meshing not more hubs.

And trust me I am not debating the weak signal is Hubitat's weakness, I came from ST too, and my locks have never been the same, even with repeaters. It seems to me Hubitat is much more reliant on a good mesh than other systems. Even if you HAD a good mesh you may not now.

The only thing that stays the same, is nothing stays the same!

If I were you I would buy some repeaters and sell the extra hubs on ebay. Those things are gold right now :rofl:

I tried that. I used Aeon Repeaters. I wasn't kidding when I said I tried everything :slight_smile:

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